“Way Out” is my private recording studio I use for most projects. Once a horse barn, now a livable and great sounding space. It is located about half an hour from Seattle.

The studio is designed for live tracking, easy workflow for overdubs, and mixing in a control room built especially for it’s purpose. You can easily transition between big room sounds downstairs, and tight ones up in the hay loft - all connected to the upstairs control room. The studio also has living quarters for comfortable short and extended stays.   

If you’re interested in working with me, I’m happy to work elsewhere, but I love using this space! I designed Way Out to get great sounds easily, stay comfortable, remain affordable, all in a relaxing atmosphere.

The space is used mostly for my own projects, but if you’re another producer, engineer, or mixer looking for a space to rent, it is available on a case to case basis. Please get in touch and I’d be happy to chat!


Please inquire about a full gear list! Available is:

iMac 4.2 ghz i7 4 core 40gb RAM SSD’s
24 channels of UA Conversion, 14 processors
Tascam 58 1/2” 8 Channel 
Ampex 440 1/4” 2-track
Custom Desk w/ Chandler 16 Channel “Mini Mixer” for Mixing/Summing
Tannoy ML10 Monitors w/ Manley Mastering Lab Crossover
Yamaha NS10m
Software: Pro Tools, all UAD plugs, all Soundtoys, Izotope, Fabfilter
Aviom Headphone System ​(eight available)
Tascam 464 Portastudio
Nagra III (great for loops) 

Outboard Preamps/EQ:
4 x  Inward Connections MP820 Tube Preamps w/EQ (610 style)
8 x Aurora Audio GTP 1073
2 x BAE 1073D w/EQ
3 x Altec 1566 Tube Preamps
2 x CAPI VP28 litz wire w/red dot op amps
2 x Chameleon Labs 7603 xMod channel strips
2 x API 560 EQ’s

Retro 176
Audioscape 1176 76D
2x WA-76

Upton 251 AA Mod
2 x Stam U67
Stam Fet47
2 x Coles 4038
Royer 121
4 x Cascade Fat Head w/ Luhndal Transformers
2 x Shure Unidyne 57’s
2 x Shure Unidyne 58’s
2 x Shure SM7
4 x Sennheiser White 421
Sennheiser 441 Blackfire Vintage
Beyer M88 Silver Vintage
2 x Electrovoice RE20
AKG D12 Vintage
AKG D19 Vintage 

Outboard Effects: AKG BX 25, Space Echo 201, 2x Lexicon PCM80, Mutron Bi-Phase, Gibson Spring III, Ibanez HD-1000

Drums: Vintage Rogers Holiday, 70’s Ludwig, Round Badge Gretsch, Mlasko Bop Kit, Slingerland, collection of percussion and cymbals. Several great snare drums available. Email for full list!

Amps: Sunn 2000s + Sunn 2x15 JBL D140 cab, ‘70 Princeton Reverb,  ‘72 Super Reverb, ‘71 Champ, 60’s Pro Reverb, Gretsch Variety Plus, Guyatone GA-100, 60’s 2x12 Bassman Cab, lots of pedals!  

Keys: (Please inquire on full list and availability) Stroud Upright Piano, Challen Upright Piano, Wurlitzer 200, Mk1 Rhodes 88 Stage, Mk1 Rhodes 73 Suitcase, Hammond A100, Hammond M3, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Roland D50, Roland RS-09, Mellotron M4000 D, Roland Juno 6 w/ Midi, Moog Minitaur, Crumar Orchestrator, Korg PE-1000, Arturia V Collectrion, & more ...

Guitars: (Please inquire on full list and availability) 60’s Fender Mustang Guitar, Fender Mustang Parts Guitar (mini humbuckers, vintage jazzmaster neck), 60’s Fender Mustang Bass, Hofner Contemporary Club Bass, Silvertone 1438 Bass, “Fresher” Fender P-Bass Japanese Lawsuit Copy, 60’s Harmony H1203 Acoustic, 60’s Yamaha GA-100 Nylon 


Before “Way Out” was a studio, it was a seemingly neverending, possibly impossible, but obviously worthwile, construction project between myself and my friends Mikey Ferrario and Geoff Traeger. During my years touring and coming home to make records around 2014-2017, I spent every free moment at the barn with my friends and family chipping away at projects. The space was a horse barn at one point - it needed electrical, plumbling, insulation, framing, drywall, paint, trim, heating and cooling, as well as all the creature comforts and technology neccesairy to make it a recording studio. Although it needed so much, it was close to Seattle, and lacked disturbance of outside noise or vice versa.

The ability to design a space from the ground up with the benefits of the large plyable space of the barn made it all worthwhile. I love making records here, and all those who helped in the process.